Decorating the Entryway Niche

Our new house has a feature that I have never had before. There is a niche in our entryway, and it needed something special. It looked so empty, and presented a challenge that I was happy to tackle. A niche seems like a place you should have a special family heirloom, a priceless piece of art, or something creative. I must admit that I needed some inspiration for this little project.

The wrought iron piece fit perfectly in the niche. I bought it at a lighting store for only $12 a few years ago. The niche needed something else, so I added some sprigs to a vase that I love. The picture of the boys from a couple of years ago will do for now until I print out pictures of all of my children.
These are some of the niches that I gleaned inspiration from on Pinterest.

When I saw this command center, I wished that I had a niche in the kitchen or next to the garage. This is a brilliant use of space.

The added shelf in this niche makes the space more manageable. Seasonal decor would look fabulous here.

I have seen vinyl signs everywhere. Hobby Lobby and Target have some of the best ones. You can also order a custom sign for your niche on Etsy.

A statue and a piece of art look sophisticated in this niche. Keeping it simple makes it look polished and not cluttered. If I had a cool statue, I would have used this look with the wrought iron piece.

Do you have a niche? What fabulous decor did you use? For more great entry way looks, check out designrulz

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