Book Review and Activities: Sleepover with Beatrice & Bear

Monica Carnesi, has written and illustrated a creative tale of friendship with a hidden learning opportunity. Beatrice and Bear become the best of friends and spend the entire summer together. Time comes for Bear to hibernate and Beatrice thinks it's a sleepover. She realizes that the sleepover is a little too long and that Bear is missing all the great things about winter. Beatrice decides to put a book together describing the long cold months while Bear is asleep. After the hibernation is over, Beatrice and her friend reunite and look at the book together. 

Activities to go with the book:
1. Nap time. Okay, you will enjoy this one, but your child may not be a fan. 
2. Play date 
3. Roast marshmallows 
4. Scrapbook with your children 
5. Cut out snowflakes 

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