Training the Parent of a Kindergartener

Last week my first born started kindergarten. I have to admit I was an emotional mommy, but the thing about kindergarten I didn't plan for was the training. As my sister said, the first two weeks of school are just as much about training the parents as training the kids.

There have only been seven days of school, and I already two examples of parents needing instruction. Training of the parents Exhibit A. On the second day of school, I went to pick up J and the parents forgot how to form a line. Cars were coming from everywhere and cutting off each other. It was like all the student drivers in the community were sent on the same day to pick up our kids. Since then parents have remembered what makes up a line.  It only took a couple of days. Ha!

The second week of school is a short week because of Labor Day. It completely through me off. I had to take J to school, and we were late. I drove around the back and the doors were locked. So, we drove around to the front and I watched him walk in by himself. I had no idea if I needed to email the teacher, call the school, or write a letter pleading for forgiveness. I called the school and no one answered, so I sent the teacher an email explaining that it was my fault that he was late. It was craziness.

To seal the deal for my nomination for mother of the year award, I had another oops. Since it was Tuesday, and not Monday, he was supposed to wear tennis shoes for PE. Yeah, that didn't register with me and he wore sandals.

As a parent, you would think that I know how this school thing works. Nope, I had more questions than my five year old the first week of school. I'm learning, I'm being trained, and hopefully by the end of the first six weeks I will be an expert kindergarten mommy.

Good-bye Summer Days,


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