Decorating with Coke-a-Cola

When I was a young girl, my family would gather at my Aunt Margaret's house for Christmas. It was an amazing house, and my aunt decorated the house with gorgeous furnishings. The game room was a Coke-a-Cola Mecca, and it inspired me.

As an adult I started collecting Coke trays and signs. I decorated the kitchen with my limited items. It looked pretty good, but then I got a call from Aunt Margaret. She was going to let me pick out items from her Coke treasury. 

My kitchen was never the place I wanted to display the trays, signs, and tins, but it worked well. Since we just moved into our very own home, I had a different idea for my kitchen. The Coke stuff needed a new place. 

The back stairway to our office is a blank canvas, and it is the perfect place to house my Coke-a-Cola collection.

Happy Decorating,


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