10 Tips and Tricks for Moving

The gypsy spirit has bit this girl again. We decided this April that we were not going to move for another year, and then things happened. Kevin took a job working from home, and we suddenly needed an office. With a baby on the way and the need for an office, we were starting to climb on top of one another. So, we decided to look for a house and found the perfect one.

I have moved a total of 17 times in my life, so there are a few things I've learned to making moving a bit easier. Yes, I am one of those people that keeps boxes. You never know when you will need them to move again, people! However, this time we are hoping to stay for a very long time.

Yes, I did put my Initial Wreath on the front door the first day.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Purge. As soon as you have decided to move, start purging. Throw away trash, shed unneeded paperwork, donate unused or gently used items and clothing. Host a garage sale, post items on Offer Up and Craigslist. The less you have to pack the better. If you don't use it, then get rid of it.

2. Make a list. Write down everything that needs to be accomplished before you move. Utilities will need to be turned on and off, deposits paid, truck or movers reserved, boxes, tissue paper and bubble wrap, mail forwarded, and the list can go on. After you have made your list, prioritize each line item. My husband created a spreadsheet with each task, date, accomplished, confirmation, contact person, and cost. He is spreadsheet happy, but it works. You can use your phone notes, post-its, spreadsheet, or a notebook. Keeping a master list will keep you organized.

3. Pack in order of necessity. Pack the wall decor and other non essential items first. Work your way toward packing the things you use every week and then every day.

4. Wrap tape around hangers and place them in the bottom of the garment boxes. This will keep your hangers from getting tangled.

5. Bedding. Put every one's bedding (clean sheets, pillow cases, comforter, bed skirt, and blanket in a bedding bag. Label each bag with the assigned room, and you will have fresh bedding ready for the night you move in. We were able to put beds together with fresh linens without having to dig for any sheets. When we put the beds together, we put the bed skirts on right then to keep from lifting the mattress again later. After sweating all day and moving, you want to take a shower and fall into a bed with fresh sheets.

6. Label Boxes. Write the room the box is going to and also label what is in the box. When you are searching for mugs and coffee the next morning, you will be able to find it without destroying the house.

7. Cleaning. Have the house professionally cleaned before you move. This will allow you to start unpacking right away.

8. Stretch Wrap. Using stretch wrap is a must. We used it to hold items together we didn't want scratched. It works great for furniture, mirrors, artwork, and odd and ends that will not fit in boxes. We placed bubble wrap between to pictures of the same size and wrapped them in stretch wrap.

9. Unpacked boxes. Check with your new garbage pick up company to see if they pick up boxes free of charge. Some companies will do a free pick up for the first two weeks. Speaking of which, I need to go unpack some more boxes.

10. Basket of linens. The night before we moved I washed a load of towels and washcloths. I put the basket of clean linens in the back of my van. After the move was complete, everyone wanted to take showers. I had clean towels for everyone and didn't have to search for them.

Planning ahead will save you time and keep you from adding to the stress of moving. I can't wait to share pictures of my new house with you.

Happy Moving,



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