Chic Turquoise Magnet Board

The first week we were home from the hospital with baby girl, my good friend Alyson brought us dinner. She put everything on an old cookie sheet to make it easier to carry. I was going to return the cookie sheet, but she didn't want it back. Instead of throwing it in recycling, I decided to give it new life and surprise Alyson with a gift.

This poor cookie sheet had seen better days, but it just needed a little TLC. For this project I needed a cookie sheet, acrylic paint, newspaper, sponge paint brush, a paper plate, stickable magnets, and buttons. 

The cookie sheet took two coats of paint. I like how the metal showed through the turquoise, so I only painted it twice on the front and once on the back.

I stuck the magnets on the back of the decorative buttons.  

The magnet board turned out great, and I hope she loves it.

Happy Crafting,


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