Friday's Fave Five

Happy Friday! How was your week? This was the first week of Kevin's new job working from home. I still haven't adjusted to it, but I love him being around all the time now. If that were not enough, we are looking to buy a house, I have a new writing project, I'm working on promoting my eBook, and still adjusting to being a family of five. There are so many things going on right now, but they are exciting things. While I catch my breath, check out my faves from this week.

1. It's time to start losing the baby weight. Do you have pounds to lose after having your baby or just need to lose a few? I'm right there with you, and I have a plan.

2. The weather is starting to get warm, but the boys love playing outside. All they need are some rocks and mud, and they can play for hours. 

3. My amazing friend, Alyson stopped by to answer questions about her life with twins. Her boys are adorable and a ball of energy. 

4. The boys love going to the library. We spotted this book, and they wanted to read it everyday.

5. When I was at Barnes & Noble, I saw this book. I wonder if they have a mommy version of this book?

I hope you have a fabulous weekend. See you back here on Monday.


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