Friday's Fave Five

Happy Friday, friends! What exciting plans do you have for the weekend? We are planning on having some fun family time before our family goes from four to five. I don't know what that family fun will include, but it will be fabulous. If you have any ideas, please let me know. While I do a little research, check out this week's fave five.

1. We had a sonogram on Tuesday, and baby girl is looking good. We are scheduled to be induced on May 8th! I can't believe she's almost here. Time to relax, rest up, finalize everything, and get my to do list done. How do I accomplish all this in one week? Ha!

2. My schedule has been crazy, and this calendar helps. I like to have a little spontaneity, but I'm a planner at heart. Using this calendar as a reminder is great. 

3. J told me that he wanted to dress like his daddy and go to work. He even gathered up "work supplies" and put them in a backpack like his father. Kiddos pay attention, whether we realize it or not. I love that he looks up to his daddy. Love this kiddo!

4. We have a couple of friends and family that are graduating this May from college. If you are planning a graduation party, check out these great party supplies.

5. On Monday, we had another great interview. Amber is a mom of two, wife, blogger, and hairstylist. She gives some great insight on running a salon and keeping your hair looking great for the summer. 

I hope you have a fabulous weekend. See you on Monday!



  1. I wish I was that good of a planner! I think my days would go a lot more smooth if I was ;)

    Thanks for letting me share my story on your blog!

    1. You have a great story, and my hair looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing!