Book Review and Activities: Corduroy

My sister is crazy about teddy bears, and she gave this book to baby girl. Corduroy, by Don Freeman, is a cute book about not fitting in but belonging. The little bear stays on the store shelf for a long time. Finally one day, a little girl shows interest in buying Corduroy. After her mother discourages the little girl from buying the bear because of a missing button, Corduroy tries to find a new button.

He explores the store and finds places he would love to live. The next day the little girl is back to purchase the little bear. He finally has a home with someone that accepts him for who he is and replaces the missing button. It's a great book for teaching children that they may not always fit in, but we love them for who they are.

1. Teach child how to sew on a button.
2. Play dress up.
3. Go to a thrift store.
4. Donate toys, clothing, and things you don't use anymore.
5. Make a paper bear to dress.
6. Have a tea party with stuffed animals.

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