Pink Picture Panel for Baby Girl's Room

We have decided to go with a pink and gray theme for baby girl's room. I didn't want to do a character or baby animals because I need a room that she can grow into. A color theme seemed logical, but it's also so cute!

When the boys were each in the nursery, I used this picture panel to add color to the room. I have had this piece of furniture since I was a teenager, and you know how I am about using what's on hand. So, the picture panel has been repurposed once again.

I went to Hobby Lobby, and bought several different sheets of scrapbook paper. I also bought 2 gray and 2 pink pieces of card stock. It worked perfectly for printing scriptures, sayings, and her name.

First, I traced the outline of the cardboard back (of the picture frame) on the scrapbook paper.
Then, I cut the scrapbook paper, and it fit perfectly in the picture frames.

Four of the panels have sayings or scriptures. I used publisher to design and print these.

One of the design elements of the nursery is complete. I can't wait to show you the finished product!

Getting Ready for Baby,


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