Maternity Pictures and Pose Ideas

A couple of weeks ago my sister took our maternity pictures. She is really good at what she does, and I've learned a lot about what to do and not to do in pictures from her. I wanted to share our pictures, but also give a few tips on what to do for maternity pictures.

Include the family for the pictures. I wish I had done this with P's pictures, and I wasn't going to make that mistake again.

We used a prop this time, and it turned out great.

Don't you love black and white photos? Ask your photographer to make some of your pictures look vintage and black and white.

Have fun with the photo session. Take some pictures being silly and playful. Please no pictures of you wrapped in a sheet with your belly showing. That is unnecessary and awkward.

This cute little guy loved the idea of putting his hand in his pocket. He is the big brother after all.

Looking down is one of my least favorite poses. It's not the most flattering in the chin area, but I did it because after all this session is about the baby.

I wanted pictures with just Kevin and me. This is one of my favorite pictures with Kevin (and baby girl).

Take advantage of the photo session, and sneak in family pictures. These two pictures have nothing to do with my belly, but they are priceless.

I had to throw this one in. It took forever for Kevin and I to figure out how to form a heart in front of my baby bump. It was so sad, but I'm going to blame it on the fact that I was watching two little boys. I didn't want them to fall into the water. It has absolutely nothing to do Kevin and me. Ha!

Are there maternity poses you wish you had taken? I should have asked for a silhouette pose. Those are amazing, and have a whimsical feel. 


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