Etsy: Easter Wreaths

Easter is the perfect excuse to get creative and decorate the front door. We are supposed to have a wreath for every major holiday, right? If you haven't made your own fabulous door decor, then check out these beautiful ones on Etsy!

Design A Wreath makes this gorgeous wreath. It looks fresh, festive, and like spring in a circle.

Easter is all about Christ, and this cross door hanger is beautiful. The September Tree only has one left!

How fun is this wreath? Everyone should have a carrot wreath at one point in their lifetime. Why not one from Tiffany Newcomb?

The simplicity of this wreath from The Craftin Bear makes it great for Easter. I love the burlap!

This is cuteness on a door! Ever Blooming Original makes this adoorable (was that too much?) bunny wreath. I feel the same way about it as the carrot wreath. It's a must have.

Add a little color and spring to your door with this cute wreath from Your Four Seasons Decor. You just want to smile when you see this wreath.

Happy Decorating,


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