Fave Finds: Crackle Barrel

The road has been well traveled between here and Oklahoma City the last few weeks. On my way home this time I decided to stop in Crackle Barrel to stretch my legs a bit. They have some really cute finds in the baby, home decor, and military sections. These are some of my favorite discoveries from this past weekend. 

Love, love, love this clock! It would match my bedroom perfectly, and there is always room for one more clock in this house.

When I was a child, I hated wooden toys. As a mommy, I love them. They don't require batteries, and they let the child use her imagination. My children make enough noise, so I don't need toys making additional racket.

What is it about quilts that are so cozy and inviting? This queen size, all white quilt is $120.00, and the stitching is gorgeous. You can put any color pillows, sheets, and throws with the quilt. One day, I will have one. 

 These cute little boots caught my eye. Since we are having a girl, everything pink lures me in and captures my heart. What do I do with a girl? I only have boys! Will I survive? Okay, back on track now. Aren't these shoes adorable?

I had to include something for the hubby. Kevin was in the Air Force, and we are so proud of his service. Crackle Barrel has a good selection of Military items, but the Air Force stuff was my fave. 

Are you a sucker for the traditional souvenirs or do you just window shop when traveling?  


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