Etsy: Door Mats

When you walk up to house, two things will tell you about the residents inside. How well is the yard kept, and what does the door mat look like? When I'm picking out a door mat, I want to show the world what kind of family we are. This may seem too philosophical; but honestly, it's just a fun way to show a little family personality.

Door Mats can be completely customized , and Chic Monogram will make one to fit your home's personality.

Let everyone know who lives in your home. Front Porch Trimmings has one of the prettiest mats I have seen.

I have never seen a wooden door mat, but this one is gorgeous. If you want to do something good for the environment and dress up your front porch then check out Reclaim Your Treasure.

A rope rug from Alaska Rug Company, would be perfect in front of a cottage, cabin, or ranch style home. It's lovely and would look great in the kitchen as well.

This mat is perfect for those of us that are forgetful. Save on post-it notes and buy this mat from Be There In Five instead.

The minimalist look with a little personal touch is perfect as a house warming gift or wedding gift. Posh Purveyor offers several options, and I love them all!

What does your front door mat say about you?


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