Book Review and Activities: Dinosaur Train

Dinosaurs and trains consume my boys' lives right now. They go together perfectly, as told in Dinosaur Train by John Steven Gurney.  In the story a little boy plays and draws dinosaurs and trains every day. One day while drawing one last picture he hears the call for 'All Aboard'. Without hesitation the boy climbs aboard a stegosaurus and boards the train. He is swept away by all the dinosaurs and takes to exploring the train. After a wild ride, the train is headed back to his house. It is a simple, but wonderful book.

*Take a train ride
*Visit a museum with a dinosaur exhibit
*Bury dinosaurs, trains, or both in the sand box and go on an expedition.
*Make a train out of a cardboard box
*Pretend to be the conductor and make up a train schedule
*Serve lunch in a pretend dinning car

Happy reading,