5 Minute Make-Up Routine

Most days I am rushing around with children needing attention, the phone buzzing, and daily chores all pulling me in different directions. My make-up routine has to be quick and look like I really care. Make-up artist and ladies behind the Clinique counter will probably cringe when I tell you my routine, but it works.

1. I use concealer first instead of foundation. Applying foundation made my sensitive skin break out, and I also prefer the more natural look. I forgo foundation and use just concealer on dark spots, blemishes, and under the eyes. Physicians Formula is the best concealer I have found. 

2. Using Cover Girl powder helps blend everything together and acts as my foundation.

3. After powder, I apply blush. Cover girl blush has worked the best for me. It looks natural and I don't have to apply very much. I once heard a tip that if you look at the inside of your bottom lip, then that is your blush color. 

4, You may laugh at this one, but I use ELF eye shadow. It is extremely inexpensive, and it comes in a variety of colors. The color last a long time without having to use a primer.

5. I also use ELF black waterproof eye liner. The application is easy and it lasts all day.

6. Recently, I started using Maybelline the Colossal Volume Mascara and it is amazing. I heard two people give rave reviews of the mascara, and they were on the money. It doesn't clump, and only takes two coats before I'm out the door.

Within 5 minutes I can apply my make-up. That's if I don't have any interruptions from my children. How long does it take you to apply make-up?

Looking good, Hollywood!


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