DIY Valentine's Day Wreath

There must be a wreath obsession disease that I didn't know existed. Decorating my house, especially the front door was reserved for Christmas only just a couple of years ago. Now I must have a wreath for every major holiday and a wreath for in between holidays. Are you the same way?

I guess there could be worse addictions, and this Valentine's Day wreath that I'm sharing today is about love. It sounds like I am justifying myself again. Ha! Either way, this wreath is super easy and you probably have all the supplies in your home. 

Cardboard, box cutter, staple gun, tape, pipe cleaner, and red or pink garland. 

This shipping box was about 13in x 13 in. I printed out a heart to trace onto the box since my hearts don't come out so even. I then followed the outline of the inside heart to make the outside heart. It doesn't have to be exact. I would bring the top point down more than in the picture. It will make a more dramatic heart shape.

Use the box cutter to cut out the inside heart and the outside edge of the heart. It should look like a heart shaped donut after you are finished.

Tape or use a staple gun to hold the garland in place on the back side of the cardboard. 

Wrap the cardboard with the garland until the entire cardboard cut out is covered. I used a staple gun (small one) to hold the garland in place after it was wrapped all the way around. 

At the top of the heart where it dips down to a point, wrap a red or pink pipe cleaner and twist to secure around the garland. The pipe cleaner was well hidden in the garland. I made a little loop with the pipe cleaner to put on my door hanger.

Viola! An easy, DIY, didn't cost me a dime Valentine's Day Wreath.

Happy Crafting,


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