Couples Valentine's Day Party Games

A Valentine's Day party just isn't as much fun without a few games. We had a party last weekend, and we played the pillow case and newlywed games. They were a big hit, and the winning couples received a chocolate prize. What other prize is there, really? Any of these games would be great for a Valentine's party.

1. Pillow Case Game. Two couples race against each other. Each couple gets one pillow and one pillow case. The couple must put one hand around the back of each other and use the other hand to put the pillow case on the pillow. The couple with the fastest time wins.

2. Newlywed Game. You can find great examples online of the game, but I decided to make up my own version. I didn't really want other couples knowing what color my panties were while playing the game.

3. Life Savor Game. Each couple gets a roll of Life Savors, two tooth picks, and a plastic cup. Unwrap the candy before starting the game. One person picks up a life savor with the tooth pick in his mouth. They slide the Life Savor from the tooth pick to the other tooth pick which is in the spouse's mouth. Then she has to place the Life Savor in a cup. Give the couple about 60 seconds to complete the task. Whichever couple gets the most Life Savors in the cup wins.

4. Elvis Dance Off. Put on your blue suede shoes and see which person can best dance like Elvis. Play an Elvis love song and let the hip shaking begin. The guy or gal with the best Elvis moves wins.

5. Love Song Game. Gather a list of love songs from the Internet or your play list. Say one short line from a love song, and when a person recognizes it she must stand up and sing the next line of the song. Each correct song is worth one point. The couple with the most points wins.

Happy Valentine's Day,


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