Friday's Fave Five

Happy Friday! There isn't much time to write today, because I am running a little 2 year old to the bathroom every 15 minutes. That's right! I am potty training P. Say a prayer for us, please. While we congregate in the bathroom, check out this week's faves and link up with Lauren here.

Friday's Fave Five





1. We are having a girl, and I love the pink and gray theme. The room theme will grow with her for some time.

2. Feeling great during pregnancy isn't always option, but looking good can be.

3. I am potty training P this week, and this is the method that I am using. Wish me luck!

4. One of my friends threw her son a construction themed birthday party. I liked the idea, and ran with it.

5. After Christmas the front door looked so drab, so I made this wreath. I love how it brightens up our porch.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend. See you back here on Monday.


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