Favorite Coupon Apps and Websites

Saving money is one of my favorite pastimes. When we were growing up, we never bought anything full price if at all possible. My mother taught my sister and I how to haggle at garage sales, and today we still look for deals whenever we go shopping. I clip coupons, use apps, and websites to find great deals before ever checking out. Even though I have been saving for a while, I am still new to the app scene. I am quickly learning how great portable money saving can be. These are my favorite apps and sites so far.

Everyone knows you can clip coupons for the grocery store, but what about everything else? Retail Me Not is my favorite apps for finding discounts on everything that is not found in a grocery store. Often, I will use it for clothing, Hobby Lobby, and pretty much anywhere else. 

Cartwheel by Target is a new app that I have started using. It doesn't offer huge discounts, but it does give discounts on products such as milk, eggs, produce, and other items that don't always have coupons.

It's no surprise that store brand items are cheaper than name brand items, but it is nice to save even more on those products. Target's website offers great coupons store wide. Since I do most of my grocery shopping there, these coupons come in handy.

This app was advertised on Facebook, and I thought I would give it a try. Basically, you have certain deals that are offered for your area. After you go grocery shopping, take a picture of your receipt. If you bought any items that are on the offer list from Checkout 51, then you can get money back. After you have accumulated $20, they will mail you a check. It works much like a rebate.

Coupons.com is the best site for printable name brand coupons. I always check out this site before heading to the grocery store.

If you read the posts about Kevin's birthday present last year, then you will remember the steal I found on Groupon. Honestly, I rarely use it, but it is a great site for finding special gifts or outing deals. 

One day at MOPS, Natalie spoke about how to coupon and save money. It was amazing, and I wish I could hire her to save me money. She knows her stuff when it comes to coupons. For more information on saving money and coupons, visit Natalie's website

Do you have any apps or websites that you can't live without when it comes to saving money? Share your great finds with us.


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