A Secret Stash

One of my friends confessed having a secret stash in her bedroom consisting of freshly baked banana bread. They even had a knife lying beside the bread so they wouldn't have to go to the kitchen to cut a slice of their secret stash.
Photo: Newcom

I loved the idea, but began to think if I ever went to great lengths to keep special treats a secret from my children. There has been on an occasion or two that I would take advantage of playing hide and go seek with the boys and eat a small piece of chocolate while in my dark, concealed location. It felt mischievous and guilt-ridden. When I would hear the boys coming I would begin to chew faster and hide the wrapper in my pocket. It was almost like an adrenal rush, or was it the caffeine?

It seems childish to hide something so small from my children, but when you have children you realize how little privacy exist in your home. Some things need to be kept in a secret stash for mom and dad's sanity. I'm not suggesting that we lie or steal from our children, but that we allow ourselves a little privacy and enjoy some of the small pleasures in life without little peering eyes lusting after the banana bread we just sliced.

What are your thoughts? Do you hide certain treats from your children?


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