3 Reasons Our Babies Sleep in Their Own Bed

For some parents this may be a touchy subject, but for the hubby and I it was a no brainer. The children would sleep in their own room as soon as possible. It's important to have the baby with you when you bring him home from the hospital, but as soon as you can have him sleep in his room. It will save your sanity and your marriage.  Here are three reasons our boys sleep in their own room.

1. Mommy and Daddy need a space all to ourselves. The boys play in their room, in the living room, in the hall way, and in the dining room. There has to be an adult only space, and this is our bedroom. We don't even allow toys in our bedroom. I know this may sound super strict, but it was necessary for Kevin and I to have a place where adult conversation and other activities could take place without worrying about stepping on a Lego or crawling into a toddler occupied bed.

2. I sleep better without a baby or toddler in our room. When we brought the boys home from the hospital I kept them beside my bed. After 3 weeks J was in his crib in his room, and after 1 week P was in his crib. P was a squeaker, and he would make all kinds of noises. Kevin was beside me snoring, and P was beside me squeaking in his sleep. With every sound, I was up checking on him. After a week, I had to call it quits and move him into his bedroom. Sleep is a must for mommies.

3. As the boys have reached toddler and pre-k age, having their own room has given them ownership of the space. They are responsible for cleaning their room, and when guests come over they are excited to show off their room. Cleaning their room has a learning curve, but it teaches them responsibility. My oldest son does not like that he has to make his bed and put away his pajamas every morning. We let him know that being apart of a family is a great privilege, and he needs to participate in this family by helping out around the house and cleaning his room.

Each child is different, and each child has different needs. If your toddler is still sleeping in your bed, try having them sleep in their own bed. See what kind of difference it can make in your marriage by giving you a space to call your own.

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