Unusual Gifts

Some people are not easy to shop for when it comes to gifts. I don't know who would buy these gifts, but they would definitely have a great sense of humor. I was shocked to see some of these, and others I was tempted to buy.

This lunch box is adorable, but you could only fit a sandwich in it. I guess it would be great for the person on a diet. 

My husband and I did a double take when we saw this gift in the store. Seriously! Toilet golf is either for the avid golfer or a gag gift.

You will need a pocket knife to sharpen these real wooden coloring pencils. I'm not sure they would fit in a pencil box, but they are cute.

This has to be my favorite one. It is a moose that really smells like chocolate. I thought about buying this one, but I didn't want to wake up in the middle of the night snacking on a stuffed animal.

My sons would love this chocolate train. I would never buy it, but its a nice thought. 

Have you ever received an unusual gift, or a gift you would never use? 

Happy gifting,


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