At Home Date: Sherlock Holmes Movie and Scavenger Hunt

At home dates are perfect for the couple that need time together, but cannot always find or afford a baby sitter. They need to be dates that are easy to plan, execute, and enjoyable for the both of you.

This date will take a little thought and prep work on your part. Make sure to warn your husband that he will have to participate some for the Sherlock Holmes date.

Scavenger Hunt:
1. When your husband gets off work, text him the first clue. You can use rhymes for the clue or make it simple. For example, Roses are red, violets are blue, pick something up for me that is pretty and smells good too.

2. After he buys the flowers, send him the next text. Order the food right after you send the text message. Example for the clue could be; Next you will find something steaming and hot. Its located at our favorite eating spot.

3. Lastly, send the clue for coming home. Example: Hurry fast, and don't be slow. The kids are in bed and not in tow.

If you really want to play up the Sherlock Holmes movie theme, have his slippers and robe waiting for him to wear when he gets home. The movie, beverages, and candles should be ready when he arrives with the flowers and dinner.

Have a great date!


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