Picking a Baby Name

Have you noticed that naming your baby is becoming a little crazy? When I was in school there were a dozen Amandas in my class, and we all had to go by our last names. I married a man that has an extremely common name, and we vowed to never give our children the most commonly used names.
I have to admit that I have to spell my children's names, but I have to spell my name all the time too. We use strict criteria when selecting a name for our kiddos. I don't want to make my children's lives difficult, but I did want to give them a little uniqueness.

Criteria list:

*A name that is not on the top 100 lists for the last five years. This may seem like a hard thing, but the same names tend to be in the top 100 several years in a row.

*Easy to spell. If my child is going to have an unusual name, then it should be easy to spell. For example, Kade. It could be spelled Kaid, Cade, Kaed, or Cayde. Easy to spell is a must.

*Good Meaning. This may be a stretch, but I really aim to give my kiddos a name that means something strong, reflects my beliefs, or characteristics I hope they will have. Naming a child after a family member is also a way to pass along characteristics and legacies your child can be proud of.

*Gender Specific Names. I will probably get a few comments for this one. We have two boys, and we wanted them to have masculine names. If we have a little girl next, we will want her to have a feminine name. I love the name Morgan, but I won't use it because both boys and girls are named Morgan. I want people to look at my children's names on a piece of paper or on the computer and instantly know the gender of my children.

*Sound of all the names together. From the beginning to end, the baby's name has to sound right. For example, I like the names Gabriel and Drake. If I put Drake first and used Gabriel as the middle name it wouldn't sound as good as Gabriel Drake. The way names sound together and fit with the child's last name are just as important as the name itself.

*Nothing to Joke About. I would never name my child Ima Pigg or give her the initials IRS. Think about the name and nicknames that can be associated with each name. What will the initials spell? Kids can be cruel, so please don't give your child a name he will be made fun of for years to come. Once we have narrowed down the list of names, I Google the baby's entire name. I look to see if anyone famous has that name. No one wants to name her baby after a wayward politician or a serial killer. Its better to double check before you fill out the birth certificate.

Of course this is just the list I go by, but if you love a name then use that name. Loving your child's name is the most important criteria of all.


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