Do You Need Extra Sleeping Space?

Do you ever find yourself needing more room for guests during the holiday season? We love having company over, but we have a small house. There are a few creative alternatives to giving your house the extra bed space it needs without adding additional rooms.

Trundle Beds! These things are awesome. It is basically storing one bed under the other. This is great for kids rooms or an office where there is room for a day bed.

Bunk Beds maximize the sleeping space and floor space at the same time. With the extra floor availability you could potential have two sets of bunk beds. Just put them on opposite sides of the room. Your guests' children may figure out how to jump from one to the other. Ha! I would have tried that.

Futons can be a great alternative to a day bed. You can place them in the playroom, basement, office, practically anywhere. Some futons even come with storage under the seating. I love extra storage.
A Bunkie could be an option if you have the space in your back yard or back forty. It is a little retreat for your guests, and it gives you and them some privacy.
Fold out sofa beds are heavy, but worth their weight in gold. There were many holidays my sister and I spent on my Granny's pull out sleeper sofa. It was comfy, and it was perfect for her small suburban house.

Renting a bed may sound odd, but if you only have guests sleep over a couple times a year this may be your best option. Check your local furniture and rental stores to see if they rent beds.

Murphy Beds can get expensive fast, but they are still cheaper than renovation your home. These are great options when floor space is at a premium, and you need a place to store your extra sleeping quarters.

I hope you have a great holiday season with tons of guests.


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