Starting an Event Planning Business: Part 2

Starting a new business is exciting and intimidating at the same time. Taking the proper steps, seeking the advice of a mentor, and researching your field are the best ways to be successful in your new venture. Knowing your skill set and where your thrive is just as important. You can start with part 1 here.

1.Become a certified event/meeting planner. Do your research when looking for certification programs. Since it is not necessary to have a certificate for this business, you need to be picky when selecting a certification company. Adding a certificate to your portfolio can look great on your resume.

2. Get a degree in event planning. If you know event planning is the career path for you, then seek out a college that offers event planning degrees.

3. Conducting your own research in the field is a quick and effective way to improve your skills and knowledge of the event planning world.

4. Decide if you are going to specialize. Will you focus on social parties, corporate events, non-profits, or a combo? Knowing your specialty will help you market to the appropriate group of people and easier for your customers to refer you to other potential customers.

5. One of the most important skills of an event planner is organization. You have to execute the vision of your client with professionalism, and the only way to do this is with organization. There are different ways to organize your business, but finding the organizational style that suites your business will make your business easier to run.

6. Customer service is crucial to the survival of your business. Your business is service based, and therefore you have to offer impeccable customer service.

7. Creativity may not be considered a skill set, but you have to have it in this business. There will be times when a situation comes up that you will need to have a creative solution on the spur of the moment. This skill will come with practice, research, and experience.

Do you have these skills? Are you willing to learn and grow in this industry? Event planning has the same foundation for every event, but it is constantly changing and growing.


Check out Part 1 and Part 3 for more info.

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