Etsy: Diaper Bags for Every Mom

I have a confession. Baby fever has pounced, and I catch myself staring at little babies. If you are the mom of one of these babies, just know that I am day dreaming about the cuddles, smell of baby lotion, and not contemplating kidnapping your child. Please do not be alarmed.

In order to subdue this day dreaming, I look at pretty baby things. This week that means diaper bags. Being a mom of two boys, I have an idea about what a good diaper bag is and what it should look like. Every mom is different and has different needs. These diaper bags from Etsy will fill any mom's order.

Moms that have boys and still want a feminine touch get the best of both worlds with this bag from The Upsy Daisy.

If you prefer to have a backpack diaper bag, then this bag from The Nina Line is perfect. It is easy to carry and has a ton of pockets for storage.

When my first child was a baby I had to pack 3 or more of everything. He spit up so much that I would go through several outfits a day. Having a spacious diaper bag with lots of pockets would have been great. TandmHomemade makes this great bag. 

Some moms want a bag for their things and baby's without looking like a diaper bag. Who can blame them? Great prints like this floral, give carrying a diaper bag a whole new meaning. This stunning bag is by Cat and Wolf Designs.

Sometimes I'll see moms that have these great little diaper bags, and I wonder how in the world they fit everything in there. It must be a Mary Poppins bag, and these women are packing geniuses. Are you one of these moms? Stop by Bow Peep

Okay, I have another confession. I am also one of those moms that looks at something before I buy it and wonders if I could use it again after the baby no longer needs it. It sounds silly, but I believe in making things do double duty. A messenger diaper bag from Crafty Natalie DC is adorable and could be used for many years to come.

There are some bags that make you go, "Awe!" This bag by Sew Blessed Stitches is precious, and is definitely for any girly mom. 

Still day dreaming,



  1. You sure found some lovlies!!! ;) thanks for featuring my diaper bag.

  2. Cute blog! Thank you for checking out my shop and for featuring my messenger diaper bag! :)

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