You Are Doing a Good Job

Moms, you are doing a good job. Are your children clean, safe, fed, and clothed? Then you are doing a great job. There are so many things that we moms of little ones feel like we have to accomplish every single day to feel as though we are doing a good job.

We do need to teach our children manners, the right foods to eat, and innumerable other life lessons. Some days it is enough to know that you are providing the basic needs of your little ones. Give yourself a break, and do your best.

One day you may be the Pinterst mother of the year, and the next you may do good to get your children fed and dressed; much less yourself. I'm hear to tell you that you can be a great mom; just don't expect perfection every single day. I still have to tell myself this on the rough days. Remember tomorrow is another day to start fresh.


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