My Birthday Wish List

Next month is my birthday, and this year I actually know what I want. Early on in my marriage, I learned that if I wanted to get something I liked and would use for my birthday I'd better give Kevin a list. He has gotten better about picking out gifts for me, but I still give him a list to choose from. Here is my list for this year, and I would be thrilled to get any one of these gifts.

These Forget Me Not earrings from Taylors Eclectic have been on my Pinterest page for quite some time. They are beautiful, and will go with anything.
A couple of months ago I took my watch to get the battery replaced. When I picked up the watch, they informed me that the watch was broken and it would take at least $85 to fix it. After debating whether to get it fixed or buy a new watch, I came across this fabulous Rhino watch from Marc Ecko. It has just the right about of bling, and the face is gorgeous.

I have been dreaming of a new handbag, and this one from Francesca's is just perfect. The best part is I found it for 30% off at the store.

Kevin and I have been working out on a consistent basis. He runs, and I do yoga and ride my stationary bike. There is just one problem, the carpet give me a terrible carpet burn when doing the plank or downward facing dog. (Who comes up with the names of these poses?) A monogrammed yoga mat from Alicia Beam would be perfect.

What woman in her right mind enjoys cleaning the house? Having a maid service as a gift may seem cheesy, but it would be a dream come true.

The ultimate gift would be a trip to Hawaii; actually a beach anywhere would work. I may never go home if I woke up to this everyday for a week.

Getting older may not be the best, but receiving birthday presents makes it easier to handle. Do you give your family a wish list for birthdays and holidays?


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  1. I think any of these would make an amazing gift, and I'm thrilled to have had my forget me not earrings included in your wish list! Thank you so very much for including me in your blog!