Friday's Fave Five

Hello, and happy Friday! How are things going? Do you have any wonderful plans for the weekend? This week has been insane and wonderful all at the same time. The year will only get busier, and right now that seems to be a great thing. My husband and I just started a life group at church, MOPS has started, next week I will start teaching Pre-K to my oldest son twice a week, and I will have to squeeze in sleep as well. While I fill up my calendar, check out the top 5 from this week.

Friday's Fave Five






1. MOPS is in full swing, and I'm excited. Make that ecstatic! If you are not a member of a mommy's group, then stop what you are doing and find one. Go ahead, you can come back and read this later. Mommy's need each other, so join a mommy's group now. (Not trying to boss you around) :-)

2. Doesn't this look like the most decadent meal you have ever tasted? Can you sense the sarcasm? I'm trying to eat healthier, work out a lot, and all that jazz. I want to eat healthy, but I also want to eat a pint of fudge brownie ice cream.  The good news is my clothes are fitting better, and my husband is on board with this new lifestyle. Anyone else making a major life change?

3. If you have not read this book with your children, then head over to the library. It is one of my favorites, and the boys love it too.

4. Writing thank you notes just got easier with these gorgeous cards.

5. Finding a dollar in your purse is awesome, but saving on your big day is even better.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Link up with Lauren here, and I'll see you on Monday.



  1. How wonderful of you guys to start that group! Enjoy your weekend!!!

  2. such cute thank you notes! :)
    happy friday!
    xo, sarah grace