Etsy: Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are a social courtesy that everyone expects, and everyone forgets to send. After a friend's wedding, some of the gifts and cards where separated. She didn't know which gift was from which person. As a result some guests didn't receive a thank you note, and they are still not speaking to the bride and groom. Thank you notes are important, and so is letting things go. That's another subject, altogether.

These fabulous thank you notes will save the day, and show you truly have style.

Thank you notes can be given after any occasion, and I love how Crafted By Lindy put a creative twist on the traditional card.

You can chalkboard paint anything now, so why not the thank you notes? These cards from Designs by Nicolina are perfect for any casual event.

To add a feminine touch to your thank you notes, select these beauties from Lanyap Studios. I love that the envelope matches the card. Matchy, matchy, got to love it.

 If you are looking for an excuse to be playful, this is it. Row House 14 makes thank you notes that you can personalize for each recipient. What a genius idea!
Elegance and simplicity go hand in hand in Simply C Boutique's thank you note design. You could use these gorgeous cards for weddings, dinner parties, and adult birthday parties.

Letterpress cards add a little something extra when saying thank you. Ruby Press gives the impression that you can add sophistication to something as simple as a thank you note. I know, that was a horrible pun.
Thank you notes show you have class, and that you appreciate your guests, family, and friends. Keep your stationary stocked with these fabulous cards so your family will keep talking to you. Ha!

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