Etsy: Picnic Party

Put the long Summer nights to good use, and hold a backyard picnic party. School is just around the corner, and this is a wonderful party to throw for all of your family and friends. Make the picnic a potluck, or have your guests bring their own baskets full of yummy food. Set the atmosphere with these great picnic inspired party idems from Etsy.

This invitation from Designs With Style says it all. Picnic, backyard, y'all come on now youngons. Okay, well it doesn't say that last part, but it could.

I cannot get enough of this gingham pattern lately. The banner from Blue Moon Studios adds more of a down home feel to the picnic.

Add some color to your picnic table with this fantastic wooden planter from Poseys and Petals. The bright yellows and blues will contrast nicely to the red in your decor. 

Everyone likes to eat outdoors, but no one like bugs in the potato salad. Compelled To Craft has you covered. Literally. Ha!

Add a little flair for this kiddos at the picnic with these festive balloons from Bakeit Picture Perfect. Each child can take home a balloon at the end of the picnic. 

One of the best parts of having a picnic is sitting on the blanket to eat. Grab your double sided, easy to carry picnic blanket from Sun Rain Time, and you are set.

Every picnic table should have this handwoven red table runner by Quiet Storytellers. End of story.

You can add a little light to the summer nights with these rustic firefly lanterns by Bragging Bags.

Place this lovely wreath by Trendy Wreath Boutique on your door to welcome guests to your picnic. Leave it up throughout the fall season too. 

Echo Letter Press has these adorable Thank You Notes that will remind your guests of the rip roaring time they had at your picnic. It is also a cute way to remind them to return the dish they borrowed. 

Enjoy every moment of your Summer.



  1. Thanks so much for including me in your great post! It makes me want to go on a picnic RIGHT NOW!--Paula aka compelled to craft

  2. Amanda,
    I was absolutely thrilled you included one of my favorite items in your blog! Your blog choices would absolutely make for a picture perfect picnic with all the trimmings. Summer will be fading soon so thinking about a picnic for Labor Day to close out the season.
    Love your blog and look forward to more fun ideas & suggestions.
    With gratitude,
    Bake it Picture Perfect