Book Review and Activities: Rocket Writes a Story

Rocket Writes a Story by Tad Hills is the sequel to Rocket Learns to Read. Both of these books are adorable, and my boys love them. Now that Rocket has learned how to read, he goes on a journey to discover what to do with all of the words he has gathered. His vocabulary has expanded to a point that he can create his first story. If your children are learning to read and write, this is a great book to give them encouragement disguised as a fun read.

*Have your child write a story. If they cannot yet write, have them tell it to you while you write it down or act it out.
*Go on a word scavenger hunt
*Play word bingo
*Go to story time at your local library
*Print out words (large fonts) and cut them up like puzzle pieces. Have your child put the words back together.

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