8 Ways to Save on Your Wedding

Last year the average wedding cost $28,400 according to CNN Money. Unless you have saved up for the big day, you might be looking for ways to cut costs and still have a fabulous wedding. Every girl wants to have a dream wedding, and you can too without breaking the bank.

Ways to Save $$ on Your Wedding:

1. Reception halls can come at a pretty penny. Hold your reception at the church where you are getting married or in your backyard. Medium to small churches will not charge you extra or at most low fee for using their fellowship or banquet hall. Using your backyard is cost effective as well, and you can decorate it without restrictions.

2. When shopping for a dress, you will need to be savvy. Try on dresses and see which style you love and what size you are wearing. Take note of the style, designer, size, etc and shop at a consignment store, trunk show, or even eBay. After looking at eBay, I came across new, designer dresses starting at $150. Now that is saving some cash!

3. While having real flowers is ideal, using silk flowers will save you big. Not only will you save the cost of flowers, but also time. Making the bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, wedding decor arrangements with your bridesmaids ahead of time will guarantee the flowers will not wilt. Not every bride is the crafty type, and that's okay. Order silk bouquets that are already made, and you will still be saving. If you want real flowers for your special day, then make the bride's bouquet real.

4. Sit down dinners are very expensive. You will also have to hire waitstaff of dinner service. Opt for a buffet style dinner, and reap the savings.

5. June is the most popular month to get married, but you can save if you wed in the "off season". Get married in the winter or fall months to save on vendor costs.

6. This one is going to seem odd, but it really does save. Order your wedding cake from a grocery store bakery. They charge substantially less, and the cake still taste amazing. Most grocery store bakeries have a head baker or concierge that will help you decide how large of a cake you will need and the flavor options to chose.

7. Have a large groom's cake and a smaller wedding cake. The groom's cake is always gone before the wedding cake. Even out the servings between both cakes since the groom's cake is usually less expensive than the wedding cake.

8. No one really wants the ready made, in the box invitations; so go custom without the heavy price tag. Order you wedding invitations and save the date cards from graphic designers on Etsy. You can have them design and print the invitations, or you can print them yourself and save even more.

Weddings are suppose to be a joyous time, and saving money will help keep your stress level down. The more money you save for the honeymoon, the better.

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  1. Thanks so much for the feature! :) Weddings truly are SO expensive and I agree, getting a unique something in the mail is so much fun!