15 Ways to Save Money Every Month

We keep hearing news reports about how the recession is over and the economy is on the up tick. That is great news, but I am still looking for ways to cut spending and increase income. Since we are a one income family (all my freelance work is icing on the cake), we have decided to cut spending on certain items. This allows me to stay home with the boys and write. It is one of the best decisions we have made, but it does come with some sacrifices.

Here are some ways we save money.

1. No Cable. We have a digital box that allows us to watch local channels. Also, we use YouTube and Hulu for shows that are not on the local channels.

2. Clip Coupons. I am not one of those crazy coupon ladies that buys $250 worth of groceries for $20, but I do use coupons. It saves money every month.

3. FSA. Flexible Spending Accounts are great. This is pretax dollars taken out of your paycheck each month for medical bills, day care, etc.

4. Shop around for Car, Home, and Life insurance. In the last 3 years we have changed auto insurance twice because we were able to save money each time.

5. Electricity. We have average billing with our carrier. The summers are super hot here, so we need the average billing so we don't get hit hard during the long months of blazing temperatures. Here in Texas we also have the option to chose our carrier and shop around for the lowest rate. Check with your state to see if they offer some of the same options.

6. Eat at Home. This one isn't very fun, but it saves the budget from going into the red. Eating out adds up so quickly. Kevin and I would rather save our eating out money for date nights.

7. Shop at resale stores and the clearance racks. I have found some bargains at the resale shop for the entire family. This is especially a great option for my growing kiddos.

8. Pay bills on time. I know this probably sounds silly, but paying your bills on time will save you some cash. Late fees will sink your budget in no time.

9. Home Dates. Now that we have children, we can't just leave or go for a drive when we want to get out of the house. Home dates allow us some undivided attention from each other, and saves some dough in the process.

10. Haircuts. There are three guys in the family, and I cut all of their hair. I don't have a certificate from cosmetology school, but I get the job done. The only one in my family that sees a hairstylist is me.  This saves us money every month, and now Kevin doesn't have to worry about women rubbing up against him every time. (Yes, it happened all the time).

11. Reuse and Repurpose. I double check everything before I put it in recycling or the trash. Some things can be used for crafts for the boys, or repurposed into something else around the house. If I can't make it look great then it gets put in recycling. I don't mind reusing things, but I also want my house to look fabulous.

12. Car Maintenance. It sounds like it is counter intuitive to put so much effort into keeping your car going, but it will save you in the long run. Forking out a little cash here and there on maintaining your vehicle will save you from major repairs down the road.

13. Fees. Check your bank account and your monthly bills to see if there are any questionable fees. You may have a monthly subscription to a magazine that you didn't know you signed up for or a fee for a service you are not receiving on a monthly bill. Every penny counts.

14. Groupon. Using Groupon for gifts and outings can save big. I used this site for Kevin's birthday present this year, and it was a huge hit. I saved money, and Kevin got a great gift.

15. Haggle. Whenever you buy something, see if you can get it for a lower price. Wherever and whenever you can, negotiate the price.

Doing all of these things will save you money, but you may need to add to your income as well. Starting an at home business might be your ticket. Do you have any money saving ideas?

Happy Saving,


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