Would You Use a Bunkie?

Have you ever heard of a bunkie? Would you ever use one? The first time I heard of a bunkie was on the design show Sarah Richardson's Summer House. It was the neatest thing ever. If you don't have enough sleeping space in your house, then why not build a free standing bedroom outside?

My husband doesn't think any room detached from the house would be complete without a sink and toilet. I, on the other hand, would just love the added space for a guest bedroom and studio. Guests would have privacy, and if my children decided to wake up in the middle of the night my guests would not lose any sleep.

While flipping through a magazine ( I think it was Coastal Living), I came across this beautiful bunkie. It looks perfect, and this would have to double as my studio.

If you never had a doll house growing up, this is your chance. This bunkie looks so quaint and cozy.

A beach bunkie would be perfect for family coming from out of town. I love the grass cloth wall paper.

The modern style is starting to grow on me. If we lived on a lake like this, my husband wouldn't care what style the bunkie was. He would be fishing.

This bunkie looks dreamy, and I might let my guests have the house and I'll take the bunkie.

The idea sounds great to me. All we need now is a house, some land, and a place to put the bunkie. Oh, and we might need some money to make this all happen.

Day Dreaming,


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