Friday's Fave Five

Happy Friday! So excited for the weekend. Kevin and I are finally going out on a date, and I plan on working on my children's book. What fabulous plans do you have? While I am busy editing, check out these faves from this week.

Friday's Fave Five






1. Okay, be honest. How many of you enjoy working out? I have started working out since April and I am starting to like it. There was just one thing wrong. With my old exercise bike, I had to peel my rear end off after 25 minutes and walk around like I had been riding a horse all day. Yesterday my new bike came in and it is awesome. Now I can rotate between yoga and the bike. Yay!

2. I know that it is silly to be excited about a resource book, but here it is. 2013 Writer's Market is finally mine. Do you get excited about little things too?

3. This is such a wonderful book to read before traveling to see grandparents.

4. These summer dresses put me in the mood to shop and go to the beach.

5. Monday I went to the doctor for a rash that I have developed. I know that sounds awful, and I promise I am a very clean person. It is never a good thing to hear the doctor say, "Hum?" I ended up being the medical mystery of the day. They decided to do a biopsy, and I have two stitches. So, hopefully I will get a go report next week. All that to say, this inspired me to write an article on saving money when you head to the doctor.

I hope you have a great weekend, and I'll see you on Monday. Link up with Lauren here.


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