Friday's Fave Five

Yay for the weekend! This has been a crazy week, and I am so glad the weekend is here. Do you have any amazing plans?

J had his first official swim lesson, and he did great. Now we will need to get a house with a pool, someone to clean the pool, and a maid. Ok, I might be getting carried away. Have a great weekend!

Friday's Fave Five





1. For this mirror I would change the whole color scheme of a room. It is stunning, and the green is fantastic. I am trying to find an excuse to buy it.
2. Aren't these shoes amazing? I am still kicking myself for not buying them.
3. Making the decision when to have children can be difficult.
4. A great summer read for the kiddos.
5. I have been dreaming of bunkies lately.

Link up with Lauren here, and have a fabulous weekend.


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