Book Review and Activities: Subway

My boys are absolutely fascinated with Subway, written and illustrated by Christoph Niemann. The illustrations look like a dream turned into a painting. Since the characters in the book do not have any defining features, it could represent any family. What a unique way to tell a story of an ordinary day turned into an adventure with Dad!

*Ride the subway. If you are like us and don't live by a subway, take a train, trolley, or bus ride through your town.
*Map out a route from your house to Grandma's house.
*Make tracks with painters tape or masking tape down the hallway in your home, or use sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk in front of your house.
*Have a subway riding scavenger hunt stopping at your favorite family spots.
*Help your child make a departure and arrival schedule for his toy trains.

If your child loves trains or cars, then give Subway a read. Your child will make new discoveries about other modes of transportation, and you will have an excuse to get out of the house.

Happy Reading,


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