Yarn Letter for the Front Door

Have you ever gathered all the materials you need for a project and then wait 3 months to get started? That's exactly what happened with this one. The craft only cost about $3 start to finish because I used some materials I already had at home. Allow about 1-2 hours to complete this craft. It probably took me this long because I kept stopping to care for the boys. Ok, let's get started.

Materials needed:
Cardboard or wooden letter
Hot glue gun/glue

Cut one inch strips of yarn and hot glue them to all the ends of the letter. 

After all the ends have yard hot glued on, start wrapping the yarn around the letter.Hold down the pieces of yarn that are hot clued on and wrap the yarn around them.  Hold the yarn tight to make it look smooth. 

Wrap the letter and hot glue the end to hold in place. I had to cut the yarn and glue the ends in place a couple of different times because of the shape of the W. 

See this post for info on making the felt flowers. This is the step to use the pen and cd.

Hot glue the flowers to the corner of the letter and let dry. 

Hot glue the ribbon (I used ribbon from a gift bag). You can also use a staple gun to help secure the ribbon to the back of the letter. 

Now we have something to hang on the door in between holiday crafts. 

Have fun crafting, 


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  1. I have a whole room designated for my sewing/craft projects. I'm not going to tell you how many half finished/unstarted projects sit in that room before it's finished! haha! Someday I will devote myself to those projects.