The Count Down to Graduation

This time of year marks the end of school and graduation for many students. If you are like me, your children will not graduate for a long time, and even the thought of my babies walking across the stage makes me want to cry. They grow up fast enough as it is.

I know raising preschoolers and toddlers will not last forever, and that one day they will be out on their own. We get caught up in the daily routine, and feel like we will never sleep through the night ever again. I have heard that this will pass from moms who have been there before. Taking one day at a time is all I can do now, but I hope that those daily routines, daily instructions, daily corrections, and daily nurturing will make them into responsible, Godly, compassionate men.

How much time do I have left before my children are grown and out on their own? At church the other Sunday, we were introduced into an app that helps you calculate how many weeks, days, minutes, and seconds you have left before your child graduates. You can get the Legacy Countdown app for the iPhone and Android phones. You put in your child's date of birth, and it will calculate how much time is left before that child graduates. Each child has his own page, and you can add all of your children.

Actually seeing the time count down, is eye opening. Things don't seem as important, and spending quality time with my boys becomes priority once again. Its a gentle reminder that time flies, and you can make the most of the time you have with your children. Let me know what you think of the app.

I have to go play with my kiddos now,


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