Should I bring a Hostess Gift?

The dilemma usually plays out like this.  You have been invited to a dinner party by a friend that you have known for a long time. Should you bring the hostess a gift? If so, what should you bring?

I always follow this rule of thumb. If the hostess has asked you to bring part of the dinner or a dessert, then you do not need to bring a gift. When the host is taking care of the entire dinner party, I would bring a gift. Never show up empty handed, and you will get an invitation to the next party.

Hostess Gift Ideas:
* Flowers
* Wine
* Stationary
Sweet Life Paper

* Something that compliments the theme of the party
* Their favorite candy
Bubble Gum Art Co. 

* A Book
* A great smelling candle
Jenny Bean Beautiful

* Movie night themed gift basket
* A small planter with different herbs
Meriwether of Montana

The hostess took time to plan the meal, send out invitations, cook the food, press the linens, and make a special night for her friends. Putting a little thought into the hostess gift goes a long way. What hostess gifts have you taken to dinner parties?

Have a great party,


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