New Puppy Checklist

It is incredibly hard to resist this puppy. My sister and brother-in-law picked up Gus, the Corgi puppy, last Friday. He is only 9 weeks old, and the most adorable puppy ever.  Our pet deposit is $950 (non-refundable), so we will be living vicariously through my sister.

Photo by Rachel Bobbitt
My bro-in-law has never really owned a pet. When my sister, Rachel, headed to the store to pick up all of the necessary items, he was flabbergasted by everything required to care for a tiny puppy.

The expense of owning a pet can be staggering, but many of the items are one time purchases or things that will have to be replaced a few times.

New Puppy Checklist:

*Food (talk with the breeder or shelter to see what they have been feeding the puppy. It is important to keep them on the same diet)
*Bowls for food and water
*Mat to set the bowls on so they do not slide all over the floor.
*Dog Tag with Dog's Name and your contact information
*Kennel (Buy one that the puppy can grow with. Many of them have a divider built in that can be removed once the puppy is potty trained and becomes bigger.)
*Toys (one ball, one rubber bone, and one stuffed animal)
*Doggie Bed
*Treats for training purposes
*Pooper Scooper and Doggy Trash bags for when you go on walks.
*Doggy Shampoo
*Doggy Brush
*Schedule a visit to the Veterinarian

Are there other items you consider a must when owning a dog? Add your favorite doggy item in the comments.


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