Places You Can Haggle

Everyone knows that you never pay the sticker price for a vehicle. There are certain places you can haggle or ask for a discounted rate, and other places where it is considered rude.

The other day my iPhone 4 decided to give me trouble, and we ended up getting me a new phone. Like most cell phone owners I set out to buy a case for my phone. Our mall is a good size with plenty of vendors selling phone cases. I found a case I was interested in, but not willing to settle on. She offered a price of $15, an I told her I would think about it. I proceeded upstairs to see if I could find a better looking case. I found one. The woman at the counter told me it was $20, and I quickly let her know that they are offering better deals downstairs. She then countered with a $2.50 discount to which I responded, "If you make it $15, I'll buy it." She took the deal, and I was a happy camper.

Haggling can be so much fun, and it helps the bottom line. The list of places to negotiate may surprise you, but they will help you keep more of the green stuff in your wallet.

1. Garage Sales
2. Flee Markets
3. Caterer
4. Hotel/B&B/Resorts
5. Party Entertainment
6. Any Party Vendor
7. Kiosk in the Malls
8. Farmer's Markets
9. Hair Cuts
10. Rental Car
11. House Cleaning
12. Cell Phone/DSL/Cable
13. Doctor's office/Clinic
14. The Vet
15. Dog/Cat Breeder

Do you know of a place to haggle that is not on the list? Add it to the comments and share a great deal you made.


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