Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2013

Can you believe that Mother's Day is around the corner. If it were not for reminders and the calendar every holiday would completely sneak up on me. To avoid getting gifts that I would not use or not want, my husband and I have devised a plan. I give him a list of gifts and he chooses from the items. It has worked for the last 12 years. These are items going on this year's list.

Abstract Art iPhone 5 Case by DaVinci Case. It is colorful and playful without telling everyone I still wish I was 15. 

Hand Stamped Heart Bracelet by Rose Creek Cottage.  Just love the idea of the birthstone and names on one bracelet. 
I was looking for homemade lip balm and came across this Complete Spa Gift Set from Little Flower Soap Co. How could I pass this up?
The shoes make the outfit. These stylish, hand painted beauties from Neema Moda are on my wish list. 

For those of us who still write notes, this personalized notepad from Libby Lane Press would be a useful and a pretty gift.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Mother's Day,



  1. Love it! Great ideas for Mother's day.

  2. Hi Amanda,
    thank you so much for featuring our gift set!! How lovely of you.

  3. Amanda...your blog is beautiful!! Thank you so much for featuring my Heart Charm Bracelet! It's one of my very best sellers!! The other products you feature are equally as nice~ I truly appreciate it. Will be one of your new fans now!! xoxox