Feeling the Burn

How does she do it? I applaud all of the women who cook, clean, take care of the kiddos, work, and exercise. Well, I am going to add in exercise to the routine. Something may go undone, but I have to start adding exercise into my weekly schedule. I was doing good in February and early March, but then all the medical mayhem broke loose.  

My goal is to do cardio and weights 3 days per week, and do yoga 2 day per week. Hopefully the boys will corporate and start sleeping through the night. Sleep deprivation you are no longer welcome in my house. Isn't it amazing how you have to completely rearrange your schedule to fit one more thing in. This will mean getting up earlier to either write or exercise. I enjoy both, but I also enjoy sleep. Exercise will be a welcome addition into my routine, and hopefully the side affects will be visible as well.

Have you changed your world in order to accommodate a new passion or need? How did you manage the change?

Working up a sweat,


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