5 Steps to Keep Your Computer in Top Shape

If someone in the family or any of our friends have a question about computers, my husband is the go to man. He works as a Client Relationship Manager and Lead Field Service Tech. Since he is extremely knowledgeable about computers, I asked him to write a post about how we can keep our computers up and running smoothly.


1.     First things first, when it comes to computers they are only as good as their owners.  So to keeping your computer in perfect working condition remember this tip, if you don’t know the source then don’t click on it, download it or install it.

      2.     If you have a laptop, remember to (discharge) run the battery down until your laptop shuts off at least once a month.  Today’s laptop batteries contain a memory regarding the last charge.  Discharging the battery and then charging it completely before its next use will guarantee longer battery life.
3.      Install a good antivirus program.  There are many misconceptions regarding what the “best” antivirus is on the market.  Stay away from Norton and McAfee antivirus suites as they are virus attractants, especially for the Trojan viruses.  Use a free service such as Windows Security Essentials or AVG as they have free versions and the paid version of AVG’s antivirus suite is outstanding.  When it comes to viruses, be careful of the websites that you visit whether purposefully or accidentally.   

    4.      Install an antimalware program such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.  Malware is malicious software used or programmed by attackers to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, and/or gain access to private computer systems.  A good malware program like the one mentioned above can help catch malicious software that your antivirus program could potentially miss.       

   5.    Finally, setup your computer to run a disk cleanup and disk defragment schedule once a month.  This will ensure smooth operation of your computer within the realm of your control.

When it comes to computers we really don’t have a guarantee that they will run at optimal speed and efficiency at all times.  Following these 5 steps will help insure that your computer has a much better chance of operating proficiently and ready to use when you need it.  


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