5 Minute Bathroom Makeover

Everyone has a crazy schedule and a thousands things to do. It is great when the small, 5 minute projects turn out beautifully and make a big impact. Our medicine cabinet is tiny and was starting to get messy. The black shower curtain was fading and made the windowless room feel even smaller and blah. With a quick fix the bathroom looks bright and cheery and more organized.

 First we changed the dark shower curtain to this bright colorful curtain. It instantly freshened up the room. The curtain also goes with the red rugs that I have in the bathroom. I found the shower curtain at Target for $20.

The medicine cabinet was filled to the brim. I wanted to organize it.  After going through all of the medications, I realized that most of them were our of date. This made room for all of the unsightly things to go back behind the doors instead of on the shelf. Every thing is up to date now. Yay!

Do you spruce up your house with 5 minute projects? This was definitely a quick one, and it made a big difference.


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