4 Steps to Looking Good in Lingerie

Lingerie is either something you love or hate. Most men love it, and the majority of women hate wearing it. We think it is pretty, girly, and something we are suppose to want to wear all the time. There are 4 simple things you can do to make wearing lingerie more enjoyable for you and your husband.

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Step 1: Get a fitting. Putting the girls in the right size bra, baby doll, and lingerie will make you feel more comfortable. Pulling a wire out of your side while trying to look sexy is difficult to do. If you do not know your size, have lost or gained weight, or had a child, it is time to get sized. Professionals can measure you free of charge and recommend the right lingerie for your shape.

Step 2: Something Pretty: Buy lingerie that you think is pretty. Pick a favorite color, solid, lace, or poke-a-dots. You are buying the dainties for you and not just your husband. Believe me; he will like whatever you decide to wear. I don't feel very comfortable in the baby dolls that open in the front, so I don't wear those very often. Bottom line, if you like it, you will wear it.

Step 3:Candle Light. Most of us are not Cindy Crawford and do not look the best in every kind of lighting. Fluorescent is the worst lighting for being romantic. Ditch the electric lighting all together and opt for candle light instead. It makes you feel romantic, sets the mood, and helps you feel more self-confident.

Step 4: Fake It Until You Make It. Not all of us are in the best of shape, but that should not stop you from wearing lingerie. Men are visual creatures and need to see their wives dressed sexy and showing skin. If you have gained 5 pounds and are not feeling attractive, that is okay. Men respond to confidence, and will not judge you for wearing lingerie. Confidence is the key to looking good. If you walk into the room like you own it, then he will not care if your C-Section scar is showing. Smile and flirt with your man, and do not talk about how bad you think you look. You can be confident in your own skin, and that is the sexiest thing of all.

Every woman wants to feel good in what she is wearing. If you follow these 4 simple steps, you will have what it takes to look good in lingerie.  When was the last time you wore something besides sweats to bed? Try something silky instead.


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